Kidtasker is here!

The reminder app to help motivate and reward kids



Asking kids questions like ”What do you think about doing your homework by yourself?” can give kids insights they might not have otherwise had about their accomplishments. Kidtasker is here to help


Set tasks, plan ahead and get notified when tasks are due. Your task calendar is there to help you organise your day and week


It feels great to have tasks completed, not only that you can let your teachers, parents and friends know when your done, and get rewarded for your hard work!


Let mum and dad know you’re awesome!

simple and intuitive, kidtaster chat rocks!

  • All your tasks in 1 place.

    Add, update and mark as complete all your tasks. Done!

  • Let your parents know your progress.

    Once a task is completed,it will send a notification to your Parents

  • Set events and tasks.

    Never miss a test, never be late for soccer

  • Achievements.

    See your list of completed tasks grow!

  • Notifications.

    Reminders and notifications to make sure your are on your game!

  • Rewards and recognition.

    What a week! You’ve completed your homework, done all your chores and made it to dance on time! how good do you feel!