Our Mission

Motavate, achieve , Organise

Kidtasker is designed to –

1. Help organise and motivate kids to get things done. I don’t think I am the only kid to not love homework. Kidtasker was designed to help overcome this problem and make tasks fun.

2. Help kids be more responsible for their time by making sure all tasks are met. The calendar allows you to add in tasks to do each week and set reminders – this helps kids be more independant and responsible.

3. Keep parents up to date with what their kids are achieving. This strengthens relationships and communication.

So what’s next? I would love Kidtasker to eventually give schools a way to communicate directly to students to announce important events or news. This means that Kidtasker can become a centralised point of school contact for tasks and events for students.

About me…

Founded by Dylan Hoggett

  • Why Kidtasker?

    I wanted to help kids like me get motivated. Too often I would be reminded by mum and dad to practice guitar and to clean my room. Kidtasker has given me the tools to organise myself, which feels great!

  • Wireframes

    I had to figure out how kidtasker would look, what features it would include, so I sat down and wire-framed the user experience and the user journeys for the first version of Kidtasker.

  • Launch

    After a lot of hard work Kidtasker is nearly ready. For updates or to register please see our get started page.